Welcome to YinTian Hotel !

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              Yin Tian Hotel is the only one in Liuyang City won the national five-star tourist hotel, west of the beautiful scenery of Liuyang River, east of the green sky to drop Tianma, south of Liuyang River Plaza, the scenery is very beautiful.
              The hotel is a 40-minute drive from Huanghua International Airport and 50 minutes from Changsha Railway Station. The transportation is convenient and the location is excellent. The appearance of the Yintian Hotel is very impressive, and the interior is vibrant and splendid, elegant and elegant, and is a blend of oriental and decorative art.
              The hotel has a total investment of 360 million yuan and a total construction area of more than 42,000 square meters, a total of 21 floors, with administrative suites, business suites, luxury suites, business single rooms, British rooms, luxury single rooms, luxury double rooms, A set of accommodation, catering, sports, entertainment as one of the integrated business hotel.
              Yin Tian Hotel facilities complete high-end, service cordial and thoughtful, strict management rigorous.
              Everything is for you to create a warm and comfortable living space. In particular, the heritage of Liuyang local cuisine of the delicacies and rooms with large viewing balcony, will make you linger.
              Vertical ranking surname river of the extreme, cross the city downtown bustling way. Welcome to yintian Hotel.

              Each of the new nodes, are the signs of our efforts to grow up. 2016 years have passed, in this 2017 yuan back, Vientiane update, we with a good wish to look forward to the future, with a thought to look back in the past. Silver days hotel in the community, the majority of friends and friends under the care of the truth, all the way treble loud and clear, and achieved remarkable results. Here, I represent all the staff of the silver days hotel, to the long-term concern and support our leaders at all levels, thanks to the guests thanks to the same time to the development of silver days has always been dedicated to all the staff friends and family members expressed sincere greetings, I wish you all: good health! New Year! Happy New Year!

              We all "silver days" will abide by the integrity, firm "family" silver "world "service concept, people-oriented business ideas, in the way forward on the hard work, hard work, never forget the beginning, the future, Silver days "brand unswervingly struggle.

              Silver days is a tree of hope, thrive in the past decade, embodies the expectations of the community, care and nurturing, the future flourish, vigorous growth is our common mission. 2016 is an extraordinary year, destined to be all "silver Heaven" mind: a unity and friendship, positive team, work together to break a major task difficulties; bright ten years, flourishing birthday, holding the celebration of joy The scene is still linger; silver days Changxing Lake One Liuyang most livable district glory opening, sales of the top, as the silver days brand value system core driving force; brand flowering, diversified growth, the enterprise is about to move towards group development the way……

              Silver days is a long-range aircraft carrier, looking forward to it wind and waves, courage, and we will use a firm to guard, with feelings to shape. Experience the economic era, the modern service industry is facing greater challenges, but also have more opportunities. Tell the silver days of the story, reflecting the quality of silver days, shaping the value of silver days, leather and new, sound through, to create a new heroic style of new wonderful!
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